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EGIS CoWorking Space I  Budapest 





Project date:  2018


Project type: Refurbishment


Service types: Project Management / Office Audit / Replanning Reception&Businness Lobby, COWorking Spaces, Cantin, Terrace _Lounge / Supplying Furniture, Plants & Carpets

Key Factors: 610m2,



RECEPTION AND BUSINESS LOBBY: Establishing a professional reception and waiting area that strengthens the image of an international company, which, in addition to the security and safety aspects, also provides a suitable place for the placement of food ordered by employees.


COWORKING: It is mainly space and furniture supporting informal discussions, discussions, brainstorming for 2-4-6 people, but you can find a pop-up meeting room with roller furniture for 10 people and a mobile wall-mounted quick meeting room. CANTIN: The atmosphere is a bistro, which is suitable for both meals and work. At the beginning of the buffet, mobile, easy-to-clean tables and chairs, while the back of the space, the upholstered bench, provides a good-looking lunch.


TERRACE - LOUNGE: Outside furniture is a multi-function, with a bistro / bar atmosphere, an island of tranquility and a venue for outdoor meetings.

In parallel with the goals of the company 's cultural change over the past one hundred years, the downstairs dining center at the Lehel Road business center was renewed, where a real community coworking space was created with the cooperation of its name and preliminary assessment of employee needs. Ambienta, Mauricio Flores, an architect designer and a team of Europa Design, with the involvement of Egis staff, built an office area with reception, lobby, café-dining and patio features, based on an office audit. In the course of this, in the spirit of organizational culture change, Egis employees were primarily asked what would help their colleagues to work effectively together and to work effectively together.


The basic architectural concept was to design a transparent, clean space that allows you to perform several functions by placing different furniture: Acoustic, high-back sofas and armchairs are suitable for retreating, focusing, wall and ceiling acoustic panels and loudspeakers with sound absorbing curtains to help keep the communication in open space and telephone conversations in a separate telephone booth. It is also possible to make the meetings calm, as the acoustic furniture in the form of a capsule designed by the architect, Mauricio Flores, also refers to the activity of the pharmaceutical factory.

During the works, it was a particular challenge to ensure the smooth running of the seven-story office building, which required special attention and coordinated teamwork from all the partners involved in the project during the 6 months of continuous work, so the concept of space concept, cooperation was realized already during the construction.

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