In our work, project-based thinking is placed at the forefront.

Exploring and understanding customer ideas, the most appropriate response to functionality and appearance, we strive to provide customer needs and create functional spaces in our system.

In our opinion, design is NOT self-serving! We think together,

we offer international solutions, we work with exact deadlines. We believe that design should be a community based on a vision, through practical operation, to everyday sustainability.

We work in a team to provide high quality workmanship.

Our profile: design&production, soft furnishing, production of curtains&cushions, trading of furniture for community spaces, planning installations, renting of designer furniture for events,.

design of event decoration, design and implementation of exhibition installations.

Featured services

interior design & planning
residentials, events, visuals, hotels, expo/booths, creative concepts, installations, products
project&production management
kick offs, set up strategy, onsite inspections, measuring, process planning, budgeting, time planning, organise production,  controlling, reporting

soft furnishing&installation
supplying fabrics& curtain tracks, carpeting, cushions and all kind of textile accessories, preproduction,  confectioning, onsite installation,
model room setups
undertanding and describing concept, stating functions, defining look, suggesting designers, architects, contractors and suppliers
event design
event visuals, expo booths & ​installation planning