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FLUX FURNITURE - Join the Fold

We love designer furniture. We also love things that are simple, flexible and durable. Our furniture combines all of these things, and lets you save up to 97% on space during transport and storage. 

Customization is a great way to make our furniture uniquely yours. From a subtle embossing to a striking all-over print, your message will be the centre of attention.

Flux Chair;  Our award-winning Dutch design. Looks like a giant envelope; turns into a designer chair. One craftily cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene; six modern colours to choose from; zero tools necessary.

The Chair Pad; The Flux Chair Pad is comfortable, easy to store and easy to clean. It’s curved oval shape fits snugly into the chair’s seat. The Flux Coffee; Our Coffees are stylish low tables that match the Flux Chair perfectly (or any other chair for that matter).They come in two sizes: big and small

The Column and Pillar; No more table skirts. The Flux Column and Pillar are the first foldable high table and bar stool that really hold their own as design pieces

The Tablet Tower;Present your digital content in style. The Tablet Tower is a functional modern sculpture that locks at the back to keep your tablet safely inside.

The Counter;The Flux Counter serves you perfectly as a mobile place of business. It’s wide enough to address two people at the same time and it has a shelf to keep the top clutter-free.

The ARC Bar; The flux ARC is the ultimate foldable design bar. Multiple ARC units can be linked together to form a long bar or one unit can be used as a counter or small bar.

The JuniorChair; The Flux Chair for kids. It’s an identical, mini version of our original design. Choose from six child-friendly colours.

The Bags;We offer custom flux bags that are specifically made to fit our flat-packed items. They’re made out of heavy-duty, weatherproof fabric and have an adjustable strap for easy carrying.

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