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Zsuzsanna Eperjesi

Interior Designer / Photographer

Zsuzsanna Eperjesi first trained to be an economist (1993) and after several years’ conscious preparation and studies, namely completing the interior design course of Art Training Studio (2007), she commenced the professional activity that adds function and style to the interior spaces and creates unique interiors in the spirit of cosiness, practicality or the moods captured.

Apart from interior design, photography has also “entered the picture”; it has become increasingly important to demonstrate the fine spaces and atmosphere of the finished homes or the nature of the stores and offices in images the way the designers imagined and depicted them in their plans.

Thanks to the two-year course at Foto Art Photography School, she received the extra professional knowledge needed to completely prepare the properties to be presented in the professional magazines – or for the business purposes of the owners: for websites, publications or sales.

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