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Reka Toth

Interior designer, working environment consultant

I'm Reka Toth, interior designer. I feel it is my mission to make our environment more comfortable and create personalized spaces.

My primary goal is to create functional spaces that match the design and satisfy the customers' needs to the maximum. I used my economics degree for 15 years in the field of finance and asset management, 10 years in a management position.

I have worked in many offices, I have experienced first-hand solutions work well, and I have learned desires of hundreds of employees about the work environment during this time.

One of my jobs was to manage the relocation of a company employing more than a thousand people, creating the ideal conditions for them on thousands of square meters.

I look for challenges, I am most motivated by the creation of new things, upon entering a room I immediately feel the urge to exploit its potential.

After the birth of my second child, I saw that the time had come to change my profession and to use my creativity in the creation of interior spaces.

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