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Ferenc Eperjesi


Career at NCH Corporation Eastern Europe started by building subsidiaries. In this family owned U.S. company learned  company building& the skill of company management. During 14 years, as vice president of Eastern European NCH in 15 countries with 15 successful divisions he built up, led a team of hundreds.

Then as an investor, as a business consultant, as a trainer worked mainly in the SME sector, specializing in sales and sales management processes.

Between 2013 and 2017, PL Beauty Cosmetics Kft. as managing director of the company’s crisis management after, he successfully set a new career for the cosmetics contract manufacturer company. 

He believes he has inspired success with co-workers, can be achieved most effectively in a team.

Official Dale Carnegie trainer.
He graduated from the College of Finance and Accounting in 1989 in the field of foreign trade. In addition to his degree, he obtained it here qualified accountant.

Speaks English,in German and Russian.

Multiple marathon runner, 3 children happy father.

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