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Andras Eperjesi

Owner / CEO - Managing director

With unique experience of different fields Andras Eperjesi founded AMBIENTA Ltd. - design&production division to use his experiences, knowledge and energy into forming his own company.

András has more than 20 years of experience in event & interior design also in media. With the exception of two shorter IT projects, he works in his own business.

For ten years he worked for a publishing house  (INTÉRIEUR), where as a magazine /managing director, among other tasks, he was responsible for coordinating day-to-day operations and leading the sales team through the company's administrative tasks.

András typically likes to work in the premium segment of life, so he is primarily looking for opportunities where the goal is not to address the masses.

Through his diverse network of contacts, he can usually find the most authentic person and solution for a given task or question.

Andras's priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and making sure to apply them throughout the entire design/production process. 

The end result is an inspiring and breakthrough work that will boost their common profile in meaningful ways.

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